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4-way Stretch Design & Fit: Perfect for the Hospital or the Australian Outback

In this blog post, Hobart Medical Scrubs wants to get into detail on why adding a mere 7% of spandex fabric to our overall product provides it with a special characteristic: 4-way stretch capability.  Utilized by bikers, rock climbers, and all sorts of athletes around the world, clothes with spandex gain an added flexibility that beautifully translates to a profession with so much leaning, crouching, leaning, walking, sitting, and standing.  Poor-quality scrubs will look wrinkled and disheveled at the end of a long work day, whereas Australia Scrubs, designed with four-way stretch material, will provide complete freedom of movement, reverting right back to its original form: no permanent stretching or shrinking!

4-way stretch may sound unfamiliar to you, but if you have ever bought a pair of under armor pants, yoga pants, or workout tights, you know the form-fitting, fully functional “feeling” 4-way stretch provides clothes.  It’s that sensation of tailored “athleisure” gear that makes yoga pants so attractive for girls, and compression shorts such a help for guys.  By providing movement in every direction, Hobart Medical Scrubs could be considered an antimicrobial athleisure brand!  Australian scrubs are so form-fitting and comfortable to your skin you can feel free to move without fear of developing rashes or dermatitis around the seams and inner pants line.  This is a common complaint of nurses, so Hobart Medical Scrubs feels men and women who want to avoid any chance of skin rash should always pick a pair of scrubs with between three and ten percent spandex.  Hobart Medical Scrubs settled on 7% to get the full benefits of 4-way stretch without so much it begins to overheat our customers. 

Normally, this could be a problem with fabrics containing over ten percent spandex.  We at Hobart Medical Scrubs use the industry’s most cutting-edge design to balance out the heat-trapping quality of spandex with the incredibly airy, silky-smooth feeling of the 21% rayon fabric.  By opting for this premium blend brought to you by Australia Scrubs, you are investing in medical gear that will never bunch in the wrong places, fit around the waistline perfectly no matter your body type, and will stay up even with the constant activity some nurses engage in during their workday.  On top of all of that, our scrubs can last 5+ year while showing barely any wear-and-tear. 

Nurses have reported that Australia Scrubs’ blend of fabrics literally feel like yoga pants – but with the added protection from fluid spills and hospital-borne pathogens.  Within a hospital setting, there is simply no better fabric blend on the market.  Cotton-polyester blends that lack spandex will wrinkle easier, require ironing, and will simply not fit unique body types.  By adding a simple 7% of spandex fabric, we at Hobart Medical Scrubs plan to be our fellow Aussies’ number one provider in athleisure-worthy hospital gear.  Our attention to weaving and detail has led us here, and we at Hobart Medical Scrubs plan to continue bringing you industry-leading products!

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