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Our Story & Mission: Meet the Founders of Medical Scrubs Perth


Hello Aussies, founders of Medical Scrubs Perth here!  We thought we would take a quick minute to write a blog post about our company’s story to explain how we arrived at our current mission: providing industry-leading PPE scrubs to medical clinics throughout Australia.  It started like a classic novel – we are two sisters, Linh and Van who were waiting for our “this is it” moment in life.  Van actually started as a registered nurse herself, just like our customers!  She’s going to hop on the keyboard for a second here:


I was the classic RN on Reddit boards and complaining about ill-fitting, uncomfortable scrubs not only gave me rashes, but made me feel like a fabric clothes hanger at work.  No Australian brands that claimed to be “form-fitting” had the right blend of fabrics we were looking for locally.  I didn’t feel at all cute in the clothing, but even worse they felt so “in the way” I considered them an obstacle to doing my job better.  At some point, I just got fed up at all the itchy generic fabric blends out there, and I noticed no Australian-based company had applied industry-leading fabric blends to their scrub products.


Sorry, but I have to but in for a second!  I am Linh, the equally-as-beautiful sister to the woman writing above, and for the record it was me who noticed the gap in the Australian market for athleisure-inspired scrub gear!  I would see how emotionally drained and “burnt out” my sister could feel after long nights in the emergency room.  Sometimes, it really was tragic, because all she was doing was trying to help, but to have a proverbial “thorn in your paw” like poorly-fitting clothes made the whole job feel like a mess.  Ok, now that I showed lovely RN sister some sympathy and love, back to the main point!


Our mission at Medical Scrubs Perth is to provide health care professionals the absolute premium gear they need to serve the most vulnerable portions of our population.  How we treat the most at-risk people is a reflection on our entire society, and we at Medical Scrubs Perth take the mindset that, on any given day, you can do at least a little better than that.  We don’t want nightmare scenarios of doctors getting critically due to poorly-fitted, low quality scrubs.  We at Medical Scrubs Perth want to be a shining light and partner to health clinics feeling overwhelmed by global pandemics and national disasters.


With the help of our mother, who is a master seamstress, our side project of hand-making Van’s own scrubs turned into our company mission: revolutionize Australian health care PPE with industry-leading textile blends that, through their sheer excellent in functionality style, and comfortability, separate themselves from the pack.  Drop us a line for custom-tailored/embroidered scrubs from Medical Scrubs Perth today!  Cheers!

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