Soft, Yet Fits like a Glove: Form-fitting Custom Embroidery by

Adelaide Medical Scrubs

Adelaide Medical Scrubs tries to separate itself from the competition in two respects.  One, we utilize the most cutting-edge blend of the major textile fabrics available for hospital scrubs.  However, while some other companies have been smart enough to copy our mix of fabrics, none can match custom embroidery brought to you by Australia Scrubs.  Many customers would acknowledge that brands utilizing similar fabrics were incredibly soft, comfortable, and flexible; however, the customers also complained the product fit oddly in certain parts and creases.  So while the fabric of our competitors may also be of the highest quality offered in the entire industry, the fitting will never come close to custom stitching that Adelaide Medical Scrubs provides


As we have mentioned in other blog posts, the rayon part of Adelaide Medical Scrubs ensures the softest, most breathable fabric available on the market.  Skin rashes and dermatitis are common afflictions among hospital staff who utilize products like cotton in their fabric blend.  The material does not wash as easily and holds detergent residue, causing constant skin irritation that, with the amount health care workers move around, can easily cause unbearable infections and serious lesions.  The UK’s entire NHS had to recall scrubs worth over $1.5 million because of nurse complaints.  This is the risk you run going with another company than one like Australia Scrubs, which neutralizes these potential skin irritants with silky-smooth rayon fiber.


On top of that, Adelaide Medical Scrubs throws in 7% spandex to ensure that, along with the breathable silkiness of rayon, brings an incredible flexibility to the functionality of our scrubs.  We cover this “4-way stretch” technology in deeper detail in this post (link here), but it is worth briefly mentioning when discussing form-fitting, soft qualities of Australia Scrubs.  While abrasive on its own, spandex under 10% is only noticeable in how it turns normal fabric into gear that rivals yoga pants for its perfectly form-fitting material.  Women love our scrubs, getting comments they look the “cutest” when running around in their highly functional, highly fashionable, and highly antibacterial scrubs… although only doctors will probably appreciate that last part!  We value all three fortunately and Adelaide Medical Scrubs delivers top-grade material or our customers’ money back.


While our industry-leading materials match any competitor, no rival can beat Australia Scrubs’  embroidery packages, providing form-fitting scrubs that, when washed and dried properly, can literally last for years.  Other top competitors to Adelaide Medical Scrubs have noticed the trendlines and opted for a polyester/rayon/spandex blend as well.  However, the comparison ends there; Customers of competing brands liked the fabric blend, but thought the sizing issues affected even their mostly positive experiences.  Custom embroidery ensures scrubs fit perfectly while all pockets (front shirt and pockets) remain functional for maintaining a sharp routine.  We can do special sizing options to ensure you have perfectly-fitting scrubs for a lifetime.  While not only distinct and cute/charming, Special embroidery gives you a graceful touch that will only add to your credibility with the patient.  Invest in your job and your presentation to the world by investing in Adelaide Medical Scrubs today! 

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