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Within the health care industry, two fabric blends dominate the best brands: polyester-cotton and polyester-rayon.  Here at Brisbane Medical Scrubs, we fully endorse the polyester-rayon, as rayon is not only more cost-effective, but has earned the nickname “artificial silk” for its incredibly light-weight, moisture-wicking material.  For Aussie hospital workers who are on their feet constantly, changing pace and moving around, the light-weight rayon is by far the super decision to wrinkle-prone, cheaply made cotton scrubs. Brisbane Medical Scrubs will explain below why our polyester/rayon blend surpasses polyester/cotton blends in all relevant metrics below. 

For one, some brands will claim their cotton blend is better for you and the environment due to the lack of processes materials.  However, Brisbane Medical Scrubs has found that cotton arguably uses more chemicals and produces more waste than even synthetic materials!  If “going green” is an important initiative for you personally, don’t let false advertising let you think that cotton is a “naturally occurring” fabric – the process to prepare it for clothing is anything but natural!  Brisbane Medical Scrubs wants to make sure environmentally-conscious health care workers don’t make this error when deciding what scrubs to purchase.

Secondly, and perhaps even more important, Brisbane Medical Scrubs infused with Rayon provides maximum softness with all the benefits of cotton (comfortability, affordability, non-static), and none of the downsides (color fading, scratchy feeling after repeated use, shrinkage).  Rayon is more wrinkle-resistant than cotton due to chemical treating, more breathable due to thinner fibers, and more durable when combined with other materials like polyester.  The polyester-dominant blend utilized by Brisbane Medical Scrubs negates rayon’s sensitivity to liquid spills.  Our scrubs are 72% polyester, which sports incredible moisture-wicking technology.  The blend of this moisture-wicking with rayon’s thin, breathable fabric create a far better product than any polyester-cotton blend. 

The final metric Brisbane Medical Scrubs considers for textile comparison involves “wear-and-tear” over time – unlike cotton blends, rayon blends are known to last 5 years into wear without any significant damage.  Cotton blends, contrasting, last as few as a couple months before significantly losing quality and falling apart.  Many customers reported their old cotton scrubs would develop a “Scratchy, inflexible” feeling after only three months.  Customers who invested in high-quality Brisbane Medical Scrubs, on the other hand, can last years with proper care, losing none of its elasticity and silky-soft feel. 

All in all, Brisbane Medical Scrubs firmly believes in quality over quantity when it comes to vital health care products like hospital scrubs.  Cotton scrubs will seem alright at first, but their incredibly sensitivity to wear-and-tear will force you to buy multiple pairs over the years, far outpacing buying a couple pairs of truly high quality, polyester/rayon/spandex scrubs.  Check online – only the best utilize the materials found in Brisbane Medical Scrubs.  After bending over and reaching up to grab different tools and medicine cabinets all day, you will appreciate the silky touch of our 21% rayon product, noting its obvious superiority to worn cotton scrubs.  If you want scrubs that will last longer than a few months before feeling like a hand-me-down thrift store jacket, invest in the highest quality gear from Brisbane Medical Scrubs.  We respect that especially in these times, all hospital workers are our special battlers, saving the critically ill from death – join Brisbane Medical Scrubs to spread the message today!

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