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Medical Scrubs Sydney

We at Medical Scrubs Sydney know many nurses and health care experts who take great pride in their bedside manner.  Aside from their incredible medical expertise and professional training, bedside manner is one of the often-mentioned “soft skills” that can go underappreciated – especially in an industry as intimate and vulnerable as health care.  We at Medical Scrubs Sydney would argue ideal beside manner (e.g. – compassion, comfort, patience, & personality) drastically improves patient satisfaction, and really helps them recover fast post-operation.  Your vested interest and time taken to check on the patient can become a core motivator for their continued recovery outside the hospital and during subsequent checkups.  In fact, Medical Scrubs Sydney has found universities now teaching bedside manner through theater and psychological methods, trying any strategy to help the nurses better sympathize with the patient – gaining their confidence in the process


With that being said, bedside manner starts and ends with presentation; if you come in looking frumpy and unkempt, the patient is more likely to not trust your care and judgment.  With your professional credibility harmed upon the very first impression, it is of vital importance that health care workers find scrubs that demonstrates durable, wrinkle resistant qualities.  Fortunately, Medical Scrubs Sydney does just that at some of the best prices for quality scrubs in the nation.

Utilizing 72% polyester/21% rayon/7% spandex in our product, Medical Scrubs Sydney provides the perfect mix of breathability, sweat-wicking, and wrinkle-resistant fabric.  Aesthetically speaking, our scrubs are so form fitting, we have caught clients wearing them out to the grocery store and lunch on break!  The majority polyester gives fabric wrinkle-free edge, while the rayon provides a silky feel and breathability.  The seven percent spandex, while normally abrasive, is added in just the right amount to provide extra flexibility without compromising comfort.  When you are comfortable in your own skin with Australia Scrubs, it will be much easier to relate to your patient.  Presenting a cheerful disposition with scrubs that look freshly ironed conveys openness and an ability to provide quality care your patient will immediately pick up on.  Take care of yourself so you can better take care of your patients by investing in the high-quality products provided by Australia Scrubs.

Some final pro tips from one industry expert to another – Medical Scrubs Sydney recommends avoiding cotton scrubs at all costs.  While cheap upfront, the time taken to iron them out after each use will make the slight price decrease not worth all the trouble.  With Australia Scrubs’ wrinkle-free SLTech, hospitals can dry Medical Scrubs Sydney in bulk. Best of all, Medical Scrubs Sydney don’t require fabric-damaging levels of heat to attain a wrinkle-free look, so cold water and tumble dry will suffice.  Pine oil and white vinegar can act as helpful disinfectant agents as well when added to the wash. 

Make no mistake, the investment in Medical Scrubs Sydney antimicrobial, wrinkle-free technology is well worth it.  By getting up to 100+ wash cycles before replacing, Medical Scrubs Sydney will end up saving you hundreds per year, while also providing the best aesthetic, antibacterial scrubs on the market today

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