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Response to COVID 19: Here for Our Fellow Aussies


Being a supplier to health clinics during the COVID 19 era has truly been a surreal, disturbing experience. However, the perseverance and endurance of our nurses is something we at Medical Scrubs Melbourne will never stop admiring, and it gives us hope that Medical Scrubs Melbourne plays a vital, albeit small role in containing this new pandemic.  The pandemic was best described to us as a wildfire burning through people like wood.  At the time of this writing, Melbourne has entered full lockdown in entire states – like Melbourne.  Therefore, we at Medical Scrubs Melbourne are reaching out to no nurse succumbs to infection to due poor-quality scrubs and failed disinfectant protocols.  In this blog post, we want to offer our services to our fellow Aussies and remind them times have changed: new precautions must be taken when putting on, taking off, and washing medical scrub PPE.  We will provide research and information these best sanitation practices below.

Medical Scrubs Melbourne ’role in this global pandemic is simple: supply our local health clinics with as much PPE as possible at prices that do not gouge their capacity to save as many lives as possible.  The coronavirus has proven far more of a “superspreading” disease due to its ability to hang in air for relatively long periods of time, travelling across entire buildings in that timeframe.  Therefore, Medical Scrubs Melbourne wants to offer special shipping deals and bundles to local hospitals.  Being a Melbourne-based company, we need to ensure we do not end up failing during this novel era of a global pandemic.  Please, if you are a local health clinic looking for options to invest in premium, long-lasting, antimicrobial scrubs, e-mail Medical Scrubs Melbourne right away!

One of the saddest stories being told over and over amongst the nearly 1,000,000 dead from coronavirus has been the tale of the nurse who, after treating hundreds of sick patients and helping save their lives, falls prey to the very illness they were fighting against.  Medical Scrubs Melbourne  wants to right this wrong by reminding staff how far antimicrobial-patented scrubs have come: it is better to invest in 3 sets of incredibly long-last, pathogen-fighting gear from Medical Scrubs Melbourne  than it is to buy 10 cotton-polyester blend in a matter of a year or two. 

However, if a nurse is to keep their Medical Scrubs Melbourne in proper shape for their difficult, long, and now dangerous days at work, we have some tips to remind our nurses.  While our gear is so aesthetically pleasing it can be worn in public for simple errands, please stop doing that.  Do not bring hospital-contaminated gear into a supermarket!  During the COVID 19 era, we would discourage public wearing of scrubs as a token of respect to your countrymen.  Additionally, our scrubs are simple to wash you can use cold water and tumble dry.  After shaking out and hanging up for 10-15 minutes, your scrubs gear will be good to go!

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