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Power of Rayon Fibers & Silvadur Technology in Australia Medical Scrubs

As mentioned in other blog posts, Australia Medical Scrubs is the top scrubs brand on the Australian market due to its rayon-powered fibers and Silvadur tech – adding a touch of not only comfort, but vital antimicrobial properties.  If you have not noticed yet, Australia Medical Scrubs’ blog section is not only dedicated to spreading our marketing message, but the sound science that informs potential clients, as well.
Here, we will briefly explain the process behind how Australia Medical Scrubs bamboo rayon fibers are made, and what chief quality imbues the textile with its renowned anti-microbial qualities.  After touching on the power of rayon synthesized with Silvadur, we will discuss some Australia Medical Scrubs’ “pro-tips” to help keep your staff safe from infection while surrounded by ill patients.
To start, Australia Medical Scrubs  Rayon fibers are, quite simply, made very differently from polyester, cotton, and more traditional textiles.  A patent-pending rayon-copper material gives a general description of the rayon purification process, which starts with breaking down the cellulose material from wood:
Rayon is made by converting purified cellulose into cellulose xanthate, dissolving the cellulose xanthate in a dilute caustic solution to produce a viscous solution (or more accurately, suspension) referred to as “viscose”, and then regenerating the cellulose by forcing the viscose through a spinneret into an acid bath. Rayon fibers of the invention may be made by adding microscopic particles of copper oxide to the viscose.
We at Australia Medical Scrubs encourage this company to pursue their patented copper-purification process.  Australia Medical Scrubs has taken a slightly different route with the same idea; instead of using copper oxide, we imbue our scrubs with bacteria-killing silver molecules.  Utilized only by the highest quality scrub companies, Australia Medical Scrubs’ silver-infused rayon fibers set themselves apart from the pack with the science behind the antimicrobial properties.  In a time of such heightened demands for medical care workers, having scrubs that transmit diseases at lower rates can save hospitals millions by lowering the rates of diseases contracted by staff and patients throughout the work day.
Being in the health care business, Australia Medical Scrubs wants to offer some scientifically-backed “best practices” for medical staff to consider when lowering the rates of transmissible diseases.  For one, even with antimicrobial, Silvadur-powered scrubs, studies find that bacteria accumulates on a nurse’s hip, arm, wrist, and hands.  Why?  These are the parts of the body most likely to come into contact with the patient’s beside linen and railing.  A cesspool of bacteria, the pathogens make the jump from railing to host while the nurse is leaning over examining and caring for the patient. 
Thus, for some “best practice” tips that maximize Silvadur’s antimicrobial effect, we remind nurses of the “transmission triangle” – not only is the patient sick, but everything they touch and lay on could be considered infected, as well.  So please, maintain extra care not to touch anything that has come into contact with the patient – even leaning your hip against their bedside railing can become a moment of potential infection!  Finally, wash your hands all the way up your wrist and arms, and consider utilizing antimicrobial bedside linen to further push down rates of community spread infection.  Australia Medical Scrubs is here to provide the highest quality PPE at your service!
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